I want to use a database to manage a mailing list. I've dabbled with
mysql and foxpro but only in the context of programs already creating
and using these DBs. I can poke around, build custom forms to get data I
want, etc.
Never tried to create a DB from the ground up.

My dad is currently managing the list, an early 911S registry of
hundreds of names, addresses emails, cars, using Excel on his Mac.
I think I can do something in mysql since I've toyed with it on my
MythTV system and have a basic understanding of it.

Looking for an ap that has templates or such I can build around.
Any ideas?

[Ubuntu content]
If I get it working on Ubuntu, and can't get it to go on his Mac, I'll
have to put it on moms Gutsy computer. Then dad will get a chance to use
moms PC for a switch.
Maybe he will take a liking to Linux. Then we can replace the aging
450mhz Mac with something made in this century, running Ubuntu.