Arnold Victor wrote:
> Arnold Victor wrote:
>> Ubuntu is named by date, not by consecutive numbering, so 7.01 signifies
>> a system from January, 2007, also called Gusty Gibbon. 7.05 was from
>> April, 2009, Feisty Fawn. They come six months apart, and the next one
>> should be 8.06, April, 2007, Hardy Heron. 7.04 has no meaning in this
>> system, and 7.04, i. e., April, 2007, just didn't happen.
>> This notice is repeated weekly. Apologies for the intrusion on those
>> already familiar with this matter.

> I only contribute one Notice to Newcomers a week, and I copy the the
> text, so the above spelling error is impossible.

Aha! But you did not notice the other errors, did you? And since the
real Arnold Victor is a complete and utter pedant who would undoubtedly
notice them, it is clear that you are an imposter!

> Perhaps we should consider turning to a moderated group,

After you...