Jim Richardson wrote:

> Whatever the validity of the numbers themselves, it ain't censorship.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

my $ID = '$Id: colastats.pl,v 1.1 2007/01/13 10:17:52 mrloy Exp mrloy $';

sub PrintTrailer {
print "[1]: Posts via mail to news gateways are dropped by this
print " and hence not included in the stats.\n";
print " Other attention seeking posters may not appear as well.\n";
print "[2]: Troll feeder %'age is (troll feeding posts / total posts)";
print " * 100\n";
print "[3]: The poster 'quality' stats is based on:\n";
print " a) quoting: 100 - %'age quoted\n";
print " b) cross-posting: 100 - %'age cross-posted\n";
print " c) number of direct followups posters articles get\n";
print " d) troll feeding: 100 - 2.0 * %'age troll followups\n";
print " e) 75 deducted for known trolls\n";
print " f) for the humour impaired the quotes around
print " are intended to convey they are not to be taken
print " seriously :-)\n";
print " g) for Erik: it is highly unlikely, although perhaps\n";
print " possible, for a troll to appear in the 'quality'
print "[4]: Erik Funkenbusch is a MS apologist, frequent liar and
print " spreader and seriously lacking in ethical values. He
print " tries to change the subject when his argument has been
print " to shreds or, more likely, just runs away.\n";
print "\n";
print " weasel n. [Cambridge] A naive user, one who
print " or accidentally does things that are stupid or
print " Roughly synonymous with loser\n";

sub ReaderStats {
my $Cnt = 1;
my $LastReaderCnt = 0;
print "Toplist of Newsreaders\n\n Pos Newsreader";
print " Msgs\n";
my $CurrLine = 1;
foreach my $Reader (sort DescendReaderSort (keys(%Reader))) {
next if $Reader =~ /$ReaderExceptions/; # skip arseholes readers
if ($Reader{$Reader} != $LastReaderCnt) {
printf "%4d. %-62s %4d\n", $Cnt, $Reader, $Reader{$Reader};
else {
printf " %-62s %4d\n", $Reader, $Reader{$Reader};
$LastReaderCnt = $Reader{$Reader};
last if ++$CurrLine > $MaxLines;

You are a lying arsehole Jim.