I have a problem... After installing Gutsy 64 bit on a dual 64 bit Zeon mobo
with nvidia 8800gts, rebooting, installed the Nvidia restricted driver,
rebooted again but this time the screen remained blank.

I had to reboot with the second option in Grub - the recovery mode - and i
got the root prompt. Typed "startx" and the screen came on with the right
resolution however, when I clicked on the "turn Off" button, the computer
locked up and nothing worked. I had to hit CTRL+ALT+Backspace to get the
prompt back again, and then shut down from the prompt.

Has this happened to anyone? How can I fix this? Why does the video stay
blank? FWIW I didn't have any problems with the 32 bit version of Ubuntu on
the same mobo, only with the 64 bit. Thanks