I am having a trivial but annoying problem with the terminal emulator in
programs such as Kate and KDevelop. In these programs you can open up
konsole and use it for the command line. It's more convenient than
switching between two different programs.

I like to set up my terminal in a distinctive way (green on black) for
clarity. I can do this by changing the schema (as in the regular konsole
app). There is an option to save that change as the default, also as in

Unfortunately, when I close out and then reopen Kate, my changes to konsole
are lost, and I get the black on white screen again.

Does anyone know where I can look for information on this? I have tried to
dig into the config files under ~/.kde/share/config, and have made chances
there, to no effect. Surely this is a simple thing, easily changed with a
click or two - but I can't seem to find the right clicks.

I'd appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks.

It's ten o'clock; do you know where your processes are?

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