Hello ng!

I installed 7.10 on an empty USB HDD that is connected to my laptop. I
used the alternate desktop CD, option 'full disc encryption using lvm'
for this. The installation went through, but the system drops to busyox
during boot with an error: 'ALERT! /dev/mapper/ does not
exist!'. Some lines above there is a message 'cryptsetup: Source device: /
dev/disk/by-uuid/ not found'.
When I look in /dev/mapper, there is only 'control'. There seems to be
something wrong with the boot process. How can I solve this? The boot
parameter 'rootdelay' did not help.

I tried an installation with the same hardware without encryption and
everything was fine. I could boot the system without any errors. So this
is no hardware issue. As I need encryption because I carry the hard disc
with my laptop and I need to have it on 7.10 (software in a certain
version), I am asking for help here.

I looked through ubuntuforums.org as well as launchpad.net, but could not
find any hints. There were only posts that recommended Ubuntu Feisty for
an encrypted root installation. A look over this ng was without a hint
Also I posted threads on ubuntuforums.org and launchpad.net but
unfortunately I didn't get a reply.

I hope there is someone here, who has experience with this and may
provide some help.

Thank you very much.