Fred Williams wrote:

> I'm so happy. After literally years of waiting I can now run
> Xsane and
> it finds my scanner and just runs. I am scanning my yearbooks and I'll
> send the CDs (or DVDs) to the Webmaster of the high school site where I
> went all those years ago and everything will finally be done.
> When I finally got the right USB cable it was recognised and I've
> been
> scanning like crazy. There's just one little problem in that I can
> easily work around, and that is that when I scan in grey mode every
> second or third scan comes out very black, so I'm just scanning in
> colour mode and I switch it easily to greyscale in GIMP afterwards.
> This works so well. Merry Christmas everybody,... or happy
> Hanukah, or
> whatever you're celebrating. Live long and prosper!

HP5300C and 5370C scanning was fixed with the release of kernel 2.6.21 about
4/26/07, see
and comment #41 for the gory