Eric Hill wrote:

>> Can you prove that one single Linux computer is part of a botnet? It
>> *is* a proven *fact* that millions of Windows boxes are controlled by a
>> botnet.
>> Alias

> You might be interested in this:

"The desktop infection methods are not typically as useful for Linux
boxes and so bot herders have turned to web application exploits as a
means for collecting subverted machines."

This factually isn't a Linux problem at all, it's an exploitation of
other broken software (much of which runs on both Windows and Linux).

The article you cited pretty clearly states that Linux itself plays
little or no part in any botnet. In fact, when an attacker does
compromise a Linux box itself that box usually becomes a controller.
Fully owned Linux boxen are such a rarity they're like trophies, not to
be squandered on mere DDoS attacks or spam runs.

The roles of Windows and Linux in the grand scheme are quite different.
So different in fact, that it's quite likely things like botnets wouldn't
actually exist in a purely Linux universe. :-)