HangEveryRepubliKKKan wrote:
> Well, it's been a year since I last wrote about the Lintard OS,
> and during the previous months where I had commented it was made
> clear that a year ago Lintards were hyper enthusiastic about the
> prospects of the Lintard OS finally making some progress against
> Microsoft Windows, and that Microsoft had shot itself in the head
> with the creation of Vista.
> Well, here it is.. A year later, and Vista is king of the hill in
> OS sales and nerry a complaint is heard about it. Vista works
> and works very well for an initial release of a new OS, and there
> have been no overwhelming complaints presumably due to the
> automatic update feature correcting the OS as time passes.

Try the following:

Chuck F (cbfalconer at maineline dot net)

Try the download section.

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