HangEveryRepubliKKKan wrote:
> Well, it's been a year since I last wrote about the Lintard OS, and during
> the previous months where I had commented it was made clear that a year ago
> Lintards were hyper enthusiastic about the prospects of the Lintard OS
> finally making some progress against Microsoft Windows, and that Microsoft
> had shot itself in the head with the creation of Vista.
> Well, here it is.. A year later, and Vista is king of the hill in OS sales
> and nerry a complaint is heard about it. Vista works and works very well
> for an initial release of a new OS, and there have been no overwhelming
> complaints presumably due to the automatic update feature correcting the OS
> as time passes.
> And in the news what do we see? Reports that Linux has lost whatever little
> momentum it had in the computer marketplace, and Microsoft now begininng to
> eat into the market of the Linux OS.
> Why is this? Because Linux has not effectively killed it's Unix competition
> and there is no where to grow since the Lintard OS still can't make any
> traction against Microsoft Windows.
> In my own experience - as I stated a while back - I intended to give the
> Lintard OS one more shot at things when the a new version of Ubuntu was to
> be released in September of this year. Well, I had prepared by purchasing
> all new hardware so that the Lintard OS wouldn't barf like every other Linux
> install had done on my other standared PC. And that was a good choice
> becuase Ubuntu installed without hastles on this new machine.
> But where was the device manager? No where. Where were all of the
> improvements that were to be had over the previous versions? Non-existant.
> Ok, so lets update everything from the Ubuntu website and start real fresh.
> I thought to myself after a couple of days.
> Grind, grind, grind, the updates were automatically installed using the
> built in update manager, and when I rebooted the machine.. Lo and behold,
> the OS failed to boot.
> Ahahahahahahahahaha... The OS failed to boot after a default - automatic -
> update of itself.
> Ahahahahahahahahah... The Lintard OS strikes again.
> The next step of course was to reformat the hard drive and re-install
> Microsoft Windows, which has been working perfectly from that time.
> So one year later, what do we have? Well we have a Lintard OS that still
> doesn't work. And Vista a complete success, and Vista taking market share
> from the installed Linux base.
> Ahahahahahahahahah.....
> I also note that intererst and the number of posts to the
> comp.os.linux.advocacy group is waaaaaaaaaaaay down, indicating that most of
> the people who have tried the Lintard OS have had similar experiences and
> gone back to using Windows.
> Linux remains and will always remain, the Little OS that never could.

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