alright first a little background...

this morning when i got up i found myself at the main gdm login screen on
a Gutsy macine, thinking the power musta flickered sometime through the
night i logged in. then after a few min thought well i'd better check
(had a feeling something else was up) pulled a terminal window up and
entered "users" and sure enough............2 instances of my log in. so i
logged out of the current session.

now back at the gdm login screen i began to look around for a "switch
users" button to hit so i could switch to my usual session, but was
unable to find one. ok no problem i though so i started trying to switch
graphical consoles control+alt_f6 through f12 only revieled more gdm log
in screens, obviously there's a graphical session logged in but i am
unable to find how to get back to it. this agravates me, having run KDE
for several releases of ubuntu i was always able to switch users from the
log in, this time i decided i would try a Gnome setup from scratch with
the new hard disk (another unrelated topic) but now i find myself missing
yet another feature of KDE (actually kdm) that i had grown accustom to.

so finally.......

how in the world do you switch users from the gdm screen did i over look
something? is there a config file i need to edit to put that option on
the gdm login screen? what's the deal?