Lately I've been doing a lot of presentations on linux and ubuntu. What I
found very annoying is the continuos swapping between beamer-presentation
and the next desktop (Desktop1 --> CTL-ALT-ARROW --> desktop2) where I do
a demonstration. Meantime I want to show important keystrokes that help
the users experience.
My question is: does there exist an onscreen presentation tool for the
gnome-environment. It should be able to show a message on top of the
gnome-desktop or an application. I quickly made a manipulated screenshot
so you can have an idea of what I'm looking for :
wybo/linux/onscreen.png .

Do you know of the existance of such an application? A friend pointed me
to XOSD. But that is rather a library which can be manipulated through
commandline and it will be a lot of work:
osd_cat -f -lucida-lucidasans-bold-*-normal-*-*-300-100-100-*-*-*
-A center -p middle -c "rgb:0/0/f" -O 2 -s 7 -S "rgb:0/0/3" -u
"rgb:0/0/7" -a test.txt

Shows the first five lines of test.txt for about 5 seconds: would there
be something easier to work with?

Kind Regards,

Koen Wybo