Stephan Rose wrote:

> As limited as windows is in it's abilities, a lot of people don't even
> use half of what it at least is able to do. Hence, they don't ever have
> problems with features they don't use...

My wife's sister-in-law (notice how I distanced her) e-mailed me this
morning begging for help because her Windows XP print spooler was "gone."

I provided specific instructions to look for it and make sure it was
indeed started.

She wrote back completely lost, saying she had never right-clicked
before and was surprised of all she could do.

Odd thing is I never mentioned right-clicking -- and she's had this
computer around five years!

I certainly don't want to mention that a Unix-like OS supports a


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The EULA sounds like it was written by a team of lawyers who want to tell me what I can't do. The GPL sounds like it was written by a human being, who wants me to know what I can do.