On Sun, 07 Oct 2007 20:26:15 +0200, Hadron wrote:

> I really would love to know what

Windows XP is great until something goes wrong. I could list quite a few
flaws for you, but lets start with the fact that I use a very simple mp3
player. Nothing more then a flash drive. XP will recognize it in a
different way every single time. Sometimes as flash, sometime ans disk,
etc. Crashing while sync in windows is another issues.
Usability: Can you dynamically expand your partitions in XP, without buying
third party software? Can you take your OS with you on a USB key? I do take
mine sometimes on a USB key, so all I need is a slave that will boot from
a USB key.
Security: While XP is finally well tuned and works mostly well,
it's built in software is prone to virus attacks, data corruption and what
not. Now, why in the world would you buy anything that requires you to buy
more things to make it run the way it should run to begin with? I used XP
until about 6 months ago, I can confidently tell you that I know it inside
out (I am a Windows network admin), moved to Ubuntu at home and never
looked back. Take the same identically configured machine, and try to burn
a DVD, copy files and surf at he same time. You will not get too far with
Option: XP is very limited to what the mfg wants you to use, it does not
have the end use in mind, it has the maker in mind. There a bunch of other
reasons, however it is Sunday and I am playing soccer today, I do not want
to spoil the fun.