I'm still having goofy problems with K3b which:
1. Takes 5+ minutes to move from the initial screen candy to the working
2. Will not identify one of my dvdrw drives and will recognize the second
one but makes it inoperable.
3. Forces a reboot to make either of the dvdrw drives operable (they
were both available prior to the attempted K3b startup).
4. I have a second computer which runs correctly with K3b (both systems
are running 7.04) but it shows version 1.0-Oubuntu2 in the Synaptic Package
Manager and doesn't attempt to upgrade it. 5. The other (or problem)
system shows 1.0.3-Oubuntu3-feisty in the Synaptic Package List which
installed immediately following my install of feisty 7.04 and has never

Does anyone have any idea whether the apparently different K3b versions are
the heart of the problem, and if so, how can I access the 1.0 version in
order to load it and check it out?

Many thanks, Tom