For anyone dealing with MP3 players, or thinking about getting one,
here's the results of me playing with my Sansa e260 I got for my birthday
last month.

I probably couldn't have a more difficult setup to deal with so I managed
to get every known problem in the universe thrown at me.

First issue: Player wants MP3, I have a couple hundred Flac files. What
to do, what to do, what to do. I'm not about to retag and re-rip all
these files from CD.

Solution: SoundKonverter. It's got to be the best app I've found so far
for converting a massive amount of files from one format to another while
maintaining tags! Took about 2 hours though for my whole library. =)

Second Issue: Flaky MTP support under both Gutsy and Feisty.

Under Feisty Rhythmbox had no MTP support but Amarok does. However,
Amarok does randomly crash everytime I actually try to sync to the device
so it isn't stable.

Under Gutsy, both Rhythmbox and Amarok have MTP support but it's
exceedingly problematic. Rhythmbox will crash more often than it'll
actually see the device and the same goes for Amarok.

Bottom Line: MTP at this moment not really all that useful.

Windows Media Player under windows was totally useless because not only
could it not handle flac (this was before I discovered soundkonverter),
but after I did convert my files to MP3, it couldn't properly deal with
my japanese Tags and only showed garbage.

So another dead end.

Luckily, my MP3 player also has a USB Mass storage mode. I put it into
that mode and Gutsy instantly sees it and adds it as a drive.

Having now converted my entire library to MP3 with soundkonverter, I
proceed to copy it to my MP3 player.

Third Issue: 227 Songs and no Tag information. Artist, Genre, song
titles, albums, all shows as unknown. Why?

Reason: SoundJuicer seems to create ID3v1 tags, player wants ID3v2.3 tags.

After trying various method of changing my tags and not really finding
anything that worked all that well...id3v2 from a command line lets me
convert from v1 to v2 but it converts to ID3v2.4 and there doesn't seem
to be a way tell it to use 2.3 instead. While ID3v2.3 sort of works with
my player, the player doesn't support UTF-8 encoding so many song names
were screwed up. Plus using id3v2 from a command line was extremely

After playing with it for almost an hour, I finally found the solution. I
absolutely love this program now and it well deserves the name!


For one, it just let me select the root directory of my MP3 music and
then highlight all songs at once. Then I just went into the configuration
and unchecked ID3v1 and selected ID3v2.3 with 16-bit unicode encoding.
Afterwards, just clicked the save button and watched it convert my entire
MP3 library with a single mouse click. It couldn't get easier!

I then copied the files to the device...and perfect!!

Artist information correct.

Genre information correct.

Album information correct.

Song names, including Japanese, correct.

So in the end, soundkonverter + easytag + MSC Mode in the player works
perfectly. =)

2003 Yamaha R6