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> On 2007-09-14, Little Girl wrote:
> > On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 12:04:25 GMT Juarez
> > wrote:

> >> runs perfectly for me on Ubuntu using a Geforce4. Tell your son to
> >> get that game because if he likes Balder's Gate he will also like
> >> NWN.

> > Yep, he's got it already (and loves it dearly), although he hasn't
> > installed it in Kubuntu yet.

> My twenty-three year old son is a dedicated gamer, so we've tried them
> all here in my household. Surprisingly, the favorites seem to be
> Wesnoth and, of all things, Bygfoot Soccer Manager. Vegastrike and
> Danger From The Deep were also well-received, as was Galaxy Mage. The
> first-person shooters weren't big winners with the kids, but they did
> enjoy Warsow. And, of course, Xmoto and Planet Penguin Racer remain
> perennial favorites.

Thanks for a thorough, detailed post with lots of game suggestions! My
son says he's checked out the Linux offerings and so far the only one
that appealed to him was Nexuiz. He's got his ear to the ground, as it
were, to keep an eye out on any future offerings, though. (:

Little Girl

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