damon wrote:
> Hi folks.
> I'm generally happy with my Ubuntu 6.0? install of dapper, but there is
> one program that I'm told is much improved over the version that shipped
> with dapper. I've been encouraged to switch to the newest Ubuntu
> desktop to take advantage of it. If all I had to do was back-up /home,
> run the installer, and copy /home back, then I'd do it. But as you
> probably know, there's a lot of other stuff to do:
> -reinstall my nvidia driver with the envy script
> -get the right codecs to play media files
> -reinstall flash
> -reinstall my other plugins for Firefox
> -reinstall Java
> -reinstall 1/2 dozen other programs I use that don't ship with Ubuntu
> -set up sharing with my kids' windows box
> -and pray, very hard, that this time sound will work with all my
> programs and not be the fun-killing, two-week ordeal it was the last time.
> Those are the cons that I can see for doing an upgrade.
> The plus side?
> -I will have the newest version of the genealogy program I like, and I
> don't specifically know what will be better about it, other than a bug
> I've seen is fixed.
> OK, that's all I have so far. Can you guys add any other pros? What is
> there about 7 that will make the switch worthwhile?

Thanks for all the input guys.

I decided to upgrade from dapper to edgy and from edgy to feisty.
Dapper to edgy was a piece of cake. Edgy to feisty was a disaster. I
was unable to get a command prompt-- the system got hung up during the
boot process. Searches and requests for advice at Ubuntu forums were
fruitless (this is unusual). I eventually resorted to a fresh install
of 7.04. (Search Ubuntu's web-based forum for recent posts by Preserved
Killick if you want the tedious details, but please spare me the "what
you should have known/done" post mortem).

It was not, to quote myself, a "fun-killing, two-week ordeal" this time.
No, it only took about three days of sporadic working on the update
and then I gave up and did an install. Plenty of frustration, and I
once again had sound problems, but all is well now.

So, the pros and cons? One very good thing is that Import using
Google's Picasa2 is no longer causing the desktop to crash. This is a
decided improvement.

GRAMPS, the genealogy program I mentioned in the earlier post, is
running smoothly, but it has a new interface and I find myself clawing
back up the learning curve.

But besides the Picasa2 fix, I'm not seeing anything that would have
made the jump from Dapper to Feisty worth the effort FOR ME. Still,
it's done, and I'm as happier with Picasa2 import working than without,
so I'm not going to go back to Dapper. Thanks for the comments and

-- Damon