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> Scribbler wrote:
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> > I've never had any luck moving a Windows XP hard drive to another
> > machine and then booting with it, even if the destination box has
> > identical, or at least very similar, hardware to the original (i.e.,
> >
> > from one Dell Dimension XPwhatever to another of the same model, in
> > a corporate environment where all the machines were the same). My
> > experience has been that XP simply will not boot under those
> > circumstances, not even to safe mode. Yet another reason I think
> > Windows is junk ...
> >

> Did you try removing the IDE driver and installing the generic Windows
> one first? I've always had success when doing that, not sure how much
> trust you'd want to put into it though. As for Dells in particular,
> I've done that a few times between identical machines without changing
> anything (around the PIII era, I believe).

Identical machines, absolutely. Of course, in XP and higher, you may
very well set off an Authentication event, making you call M$ to verify
that you are not a pirate, and that you really have a license...

But if you have a generic system, and decide to move from, say, a PIII
Mbd to a Dual Core, good luck with Windows. I have had some limited
luck if I removed all hardware entrie from the registry, shut down, then
did the replacement. But that only worked about half the time.

On an Ubuntu box, the biggest stumbling block will be the video card, if
that is changing. If so, you switch to Vesa first, then swap, and
install the new driver. Otherwise, everything just works, provided that
the hardware you are installing has a suitable driver...

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