John F. Morse illuminated alt.os.linux.ubuntu by typing:
> Mike Easter wrote:
>> Moog wrote:
>>> OK. Here goes, the next version (8.04LTS) is to be called....
>>> ....Hardy Heron
>>> Great news....but is it a **** name?

>> I don't see anything wrong with Heron and I think 'Hardy' is a good
>> choice for something that is going to be LTS.
>> You don't like Heron because it is a bird? Or because it is a wading
>> bird? Or because some of them are funny looking?
>> Someone once figgered out a way to try to guess at the IQ of birds and
>> sed that the heron was pretty smart, for a bird (brain).

> My eyesight is declining so fast I thought Moog said "Hardly Heroin"
> until I read a reply.

ooooh. Maybe they were trying to confuse Pete Doherty too. ;-)


"Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the
leather straps."