Peter Köhlmann wrote:

>>Hadron wrote:
>>> In COLA they don't see the need for a help group like this because
>>> they actually believe Linux is perfect.

> And again you can't come up with a single Msg-ID. Naturally, as you have
> made up that claim also. Nobody in COLA ever claimed that "linux is
> perfect". You make up that strawman in order to knock him down. And you
> have done so repeatedly in COLA, and you never were able to provide a
> single reference. Yet here we are again, this time you try it in
> alt.os.linux.ubuntu, hoping that nobody would notice that you failed
> with that claim repeatedly in COLA
> So in reality you are just a compulsive liar, a gasbag.
> So come on, cowardly liar, tell the people in alt.os.linux.ubuntu what
> you really are.

I think it's pretty obvious, to any impartial observer, what "Hadron"
Quirk is - a liar and an asshole. He "tells" everyone that, with almost
every post he makes.