On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 05:41:49 +0000 (UTC), andrew

>I have installed Dapper, edgy and Feisty several times as well as
>setup a very successful Slackware 12 install. But I would like to
>share with the group my experiences in doing a friend a favour and
>reinstalling the OS on an HP dv1123ap laptop, a process that has taken
>me a conservative 12 hours to accomplish. In point form:
>1. Had a long and pointless conversation with a gentleman in India
>trying to buy a 'Factory Restore' disk.
>2. Ransack my cupboard looking for the Windows XP Professional disk.
>3. Install Windows XP Pro
>4. Unable to 'Activate' the installation as the laptop only has
>numbers for Home. Lose more time looking for pirate numbers that don't
>5. Ransack the cupboard and find the Windows XP _Home_ edition and
>install that.
>6. Successfully 'Activate' this installation: thanks for nothing
>7. Ransack the hp site for about 200 megs of specialised drivers which
>have to be installed one by one.
>8. Update another 150 megs or so of 'Windows Updates'.
>9. Download and install Service Pack 2.
>10. Spend an hour or so hunting for the Bluetooth Driver from HP that
>somehow I missed in this whole saga.
>11. Download an install freeware antivirus and anti-spyware software.
>12. Defrag / scan for viruses and spyware: some spyware there
>13. Download Firefox
>Insane!!! I will never complain about downloading an Ubuntu iso file
>and picking up 200 megs of system updates ever again :-)
> Andrew

Talk of horror stories! You may have got off easy though. About 3 years
ago I installed XP Pro and while downloading the updates from M$ I
installed the most persistent virus I have ever seen. Every time I got rid
of it the little bugger showed up somewhere else. Norton would not get rid
of it but at least told me where it was. I finally got it by going to safe
mode and deleting 4 different files that Norton said it was in. I don't
know for sure but I think I got it directly from the Microslop site. I can
definately sympathize.