Matt McCutchen wrote:
> Not really. The leading slash would require the pattern to match the
> entire path of the file starting from the source directory (here
> "/cygdrive/f", i.e., "F:\"). For example, your current exclude rule
> "- Temporary Items" would match both "F:\Temporary Items" and
> "F:\Foo\Bar\Temporary Items" (if it existed), while "- /Temporary Items"
> would match only "F:\Temporary Items".

Oh, I understand that part. It's the same reason we do proper
matching on .htaccess files on web site configuration. On a web site
with a large nested tree, it is definitely a performance hit if it needs
to check every single folder, starting from / , when the file only
exists in the user's web space and down.

> This is probably the same problem described in this thread:

Ok, the suggested fix is to grab the unicode aware cygwin file. I'm
assuming that's acceptable.

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