On Tue, Nov 04, 2008 at 10:21:31AM -0700, Leon Vanderploeg wrote:
> In the previous version of rsync a /./ in the from file would cause
> the previous path information to be dropped for the destination
> directory. In 3.0.4, it appears the . is being translated into the
> current (working) directory.

This turns out to be a chdir problem where rsync is returning to the
current directory for each new path after a /./ is used, when it should
be returning to the base directory that was specified as the source of
the files-from transfer. The patch is quite simple, and is attached and
also checked in to the git repository.

You can work around the issue by doing a chdir to the directory that is
the root of your --files-from transfer. E.g., in your example, a "cd /"
prior to the transfer should make it work.


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