On Sun, 2008-11-09 at 17:50 -0700, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
> Matt McCutchen wrote:
> > I'm surprised that the exclude doesn't work. Could you post your whole
> > rsync command line so I can see if anything else might be interfering?

> Keep in mind that this is the Win32 ported version (cwRsync) that
> I'm using.
> "C:\Program Files\cwRsync\bin\rsync.exe" -arvz --progress --partial \
> --delete --delete-excluded --exclude="Network Trash Folder" \
> --filter=". C:\Program Files\cwRsync\filter.txt" \
> --log-file="C:\Program Files\cwRsync\AbyssI.txt" \
> /cygdrive/f/ /cygdrive/y/
> I've tried adding it to the command line (see above), and when that
> failed, I moved it into the filter.txt file instead:
> C:\Program Files\cwRsync>type filter.txt
> - .*
> - ICON*
> - System Volume Information
> - Temporary Items
> - TheFindByContentFolder
> - TheVolumeSettingsFolder
> - Network Trash Folder
> - msdownld.tmp
> C:\Program Files\cwRsync>
> I'm not using both at the same time, it's either the command line,
> or filter.txt file. Neither seem to work. What rsync is telling me is
> that it wants to DELETE the copy that's on the Y: drive (since it
> doesn't exist on the F: drive). However, I need it to ignore that
> folder all together, don't bother copying, don't bother deleting.

--delete-excluded prevents the --exclude="Network Trash Folder" rule
from protecting the "Network Trash Folder" on the destination from
deletion; that's the whole point of --delete-excluded. To protect this
directory, you'll need to use a rule that explicitly applies to both the
sender (s) and the receiver (r):

--filter="-sr Network Trash Folder"

See the descriptions of the "s" and "r" modifiers under 'The following
modifiers are accepted after a "+" or "-"' in the man page for more

By the way, if some of your excludes are intended to match only files at
the top level of F: (rather than in a subdirectory), consider anchoring
them with a leading slash, e.g.:

--filter="-sr /Network Trash Folder"


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