On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 20:15 -0800, kbrault wrote:
> If I have three computers (Host-A, Host-B and Host-C) .... is it possible to
> execute Rsync from Host-A and use the rsync daemon via SSH on Host-B as the
> source and the rsync daemon via SSH on host-C as the destination?

No, rsync does not support transferring data between two daemons in a
single run. You can have Host-A run a script to pull the data from
Host-B and then push it to Host-C. If that is undesirable and you are
not limited to accessing the source and destination via the daemons,
then you may be able to have one of Host-B, Host-C act as a client and
connect to the other, either directly or with the help of Host-A. I
will have more specific suggestions if you provide some more information
about your scenario.


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