Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-11-01 at 11:56 +0100, eric casteleijn wrote:
>> Did how the -K switch works change in v. 3.0.3? I upgraded my Ubuntu
>> yesterday, and my rsync script is suddenly behaving very differently:
>> I have a large folder structure that I sync between to machines with the
>> following switches:
>> rsync -avzK --delete source target
>> This *used* to mean that if some directories on the target machine were
>> actually symlinks to somewhere else, rsync just traversed those symlinks
>> and treated them as normal directories.
>> After upgrading to 3.0.3, however, rsync deletes the symlink, then
>> starts copying the source directory with the same name in its place.

> You are right, the combination of -K, --delete and incremental recursion
> is broken. I'm guessing the incremental recursion is interfering with
> the ability of the chunk of code near the end of make_file to recognize
> when a symlink found on the filesystem should be treated as a directory
> for the purpose of --delete matching. I will look into fixing this.
> A workaround is to disable incremental recursion with --no-i-r.

Thanks for the speedy reply, (and for confirming I haven't gone crazy
The work does the trick for me.

- eric casteleijn
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