Did how the -K switch works change in v. 3.0.3? I upgraded my Ubuntu
yesterday, and my rsync script is suddenly behaving very differently:

I have a large folder structure that I sync between to machines with the
following switches:

rsync -avzK --delete source target

This *used* to mean that if some directories on the target machine were
actually symlinks to somewhere else, rsync just traversed those symlinks
and treated them as normal directories.

After upgrading to 3.0.3, however, rsync deletes the symlink, then
starts copying the source directory with the same name in its place.

When I leave out the --delete switch, everything works as it would have
before, i.e. new/updated files within the source directory get updated
within whatever the symlink points to.

That leads me to believe this is actually an unintended change in
behavior, but I can't be sure. The change list for 3.0.3 doesn't mention
anything that I understand to mean such.

Is this a known issue? If so, is it solved in later versions/trunk, and
should I just manually build that, until Ubuntu catches up again? If
not, I'll gladly describe in more detail a test case I just set up
locally, so that it could be added to the unit tests.

- eric casteleijn
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