I am using rsync to download a file from a vendor's server. I believe the
vendor site is a unix server but not 100% sure on that. The file is being
downloaded on windows 2003 R2 server.

Here is an example of the command line being used:

C:\Downloads\rsync\rsync.exe -i
--password-file=C:\Backend\rsync\password.txt -av
ssclient@vendor.site.net::scores/filename /Backend/VendorFiles/

When the download completes the downloaded file is read only and permissions
are set so that the service account that needs that file has deny read

I can run the exact same command line from my development box which is a
Windows 2003 server and there are no problems accessing or reading the

I'm stumped! Anyone have any ideas as to why the file permissions would be
changing? Any ideas on how to make it not change permissions?

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