On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 12:49 +0100, Simao M wrote:
> *deleting work/software/prc/dcpcrypt2/Hashes/DCPtiger.pas
> >f+++++++++ software/prc/dcpcrypt2/Hashes/DCPtiger.pas

> rsync --stats --modify-window=1 --size-only --dry-run -aruvv
> --progress --delete /media/sda1/Documents\ and\ Settings/simao/
> /media/sda1/work/ /media/truecrypt6/backup/

Ah. Your source argument /media/sda1/work/ with a trailing slash, which
puts that directory at the root of the rsync file list, does not match
the existing data in the work/ subdirectory of the destination.

How you should fix this depends on where you want the source files to
go. Let's take the source file


as an example. If you want it to go to

/media/truecrypt6/backup/work/software/prc/dcpcrypt2/Hashes/DCPtiger.pas ,

then either change the source argument to /media/sda1/work (without the
trailing slash) or change the destination to
/media/truecrypt6/backup/work/ . On the other hand, if you want the
file to go to

/media/truecrypt6/backup/software/prc/dcpcrypt2/Hashes/DCPtiger.pas ,

then leave the rsync command as is but run a manual
"mv /media/truecrypt6/backup/work/* /media/truecrypt6/backup/" to avoid
recopying all the files.


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