On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 22:54 +0200, Matthias Meyer wrote:
> In the server logfile I see:
> full backup started for directory D (baseline backup #8)
> Connected to Loredana.mybackup:10025, remote version 30
> Negotiated protocol version 28
> Connected to module D
> Sending
> args: --server --sender --numeric-ids --perms --owner --group -D --links --hard-links --times --block-size=2048 --recursive --one-file-system --bwlimit=2840 --ignore-times . .
> Checksum seed is 1224438319
> Got checksumSeed 0x48fb722f
> Sent exclude: /System Volume Information
> Remote[2]: file has vanished: "/proc" (in D)
> Got file list: 9489 entries
> :
> Read EOF:
> Tried again: got 0 bytes
> finish: removing in-process file Loretta/Pictures...
> Child is aborting
> Done: 194 files, 92193685 bytes

This output from the receiving machine indicates that it is running the
File::RsyncP perl module, not rsync 3.0.3. Are you using BackupPC
(which uses File::RsyncP) on the receiver? If so, you might want to ask
the BackupPC people for help.

> Now I have 2 main questions:
> 1. What the reason that client and server negotiate protocol version 28
> instead 30?

File::RsyncP only supports protocol 28.

> 2. What is meaning by "rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4 bytes
> [sender]: Connection reset by peer (104)"

That typically means the network connection dropped. See the third item
on http://rsync.samba.org/issues.html .


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