On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 05:49 -0700, gldickens3 wrote:
> I have been making off site backups of my CentOS Linux servers using rsync.
> One of my hosting companies has suddenly gone out of business and I am
> unable to access the server that I was renting at that location, however, I
> have a complete system backup on another Linux server at a different
> location. My question is: Is it possible for me to load that rsync backup
> to another computer system that is from a different hardware manufacturer?
> That is, once I have procured a replacement system from another vendor, can
> I then recover from the rsync backup that I made from the original computer
> that is now unavailable.
> I am very confident in both my backup and recovery rsync scripts, however, I
> am uncertain if the new system would work once the rsync backup was
> recovered since its a different piece of computer hardware.

Try it; you have nothing to lose. I imagine how well the new system
will work / how many problems you may have to track down depends on how
significantly the new hardware differs from the old. I have never done
this kind of recovery so I don't have a point of reference.


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