On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 10:02 +0800, Zhiming Zhou wrote:
> Thanks very much, I noticed that the owner user and group of my "test"
> files in local are changed, so rsync thought files are different from
> remote rsync server, and the "--link-dest" option does works in Linux
> now after run "chown".
> So, is there some option in rsyncd.conf or in rsync command to prevent
> rsync to check owner user/group of files between rsync server and
> client.

The -a option is equivalent to -rltpogD, where the -o and the -g tell
rsync to preserve the user and group owners. To avoid preserving them,
you could change -a to -rltpD (perhaps -D isn't necessary) or to
-a --no-o --no-g .


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