On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 18:24 +0800, Zhiming Zhou wrote:
> Then in cygwin, I use "--link-dest" option to do a incremental backup:
> rsync -a --force --link-dest=../old/
> * "new" directory contains updated files, and unchanged files are hard
> linked to "old" directory, rsync works greatly!!
> However, I use rsync in Linux, and run command just the same like
> above
> * the "test" directory is fully backuped to "new" directory, and NO links are created for unchanged files.

Make sure the source files have the same mtime and permissions and (if
rsync is running as root) user and group owners as the files in "old".
You can pass -i to find out what attribute is preventing the hard links;
see the description of -i in the man page for the meanings of the
letters in the output.


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