I'm having some issues with some lnk files using cygwin 1.7 and rsync 3.0.3.
I'm not sure if this is an issue with rsync or cygwin.here is the error
written to the rsync log:

rsync: rename "/EDrive/Documents and Settings/csams/Application
Data/Microsoft/Office/Recent/.Order requests Lori Kopp.doc.LNK.jJOmON" (in
test.backup) -> "Documents and Settings/csams/Application
Data/Microsoft/Office/Recent/Order requests Lori Kopp.doc.LNK": No such file
or directory (2)

The problem is not apparent since there are many LNK files that get
successfully transferred. I do not see any filename conflict that would
prohibit a rename on the receiver side. The receiver has the file there and
has a date/time of the transfer, not date/time to match the origination
file. I have the rsync option to update the date/times and they normally
match. Just wondering if anyone knew of an issue.


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