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Resolution| |FIXED
Version|2.6.4 |3.1.0

------- Comment #3 from 2008-09-27 10:45 CST -------
I have checked in an enhancement that adds extra statistics information. Here
is a sample of the early part of its output (the latter part is unchanged):

Number of files: 38 (reg: 31, dir: 3, link: 3, special: 1)
Number of created files: 15 (reg: 11, dir: 1, link: 3)
Number of deleted files: 11 (reg: 10, dir: 1)
Number of regular files transferred: 17
Total file size: 271,924 bytes
Total transferred file size: 176,726 bytes

The new info is the break-down into types, and the number of deleted files
(which is always output, even if --delete* isn't used, but only if the latest
protocol 31 is active). The break-down section is omitted if the related total
is 0.

reg = regular files
link = symbolic links
dir = directories
dev = devices
special = special files

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