On Thu, 25 Sep 2008, Madhavan Chari wrote:

> We want to use the rsync 3 for incremental file transfer of our File system
> from one box to another, however there are about a million files
> to be copied, so just wanted to know by any one of your's previous
> experience with rsync 3, will these many files get copied at first time and
> incrementally in the subsequent run of the crontab.

These are statistics of a "local" rsync-2.6.8 run (src and dst on
same machine) which needed 150 minutes:

Number of files: 5986503
Number of files transferred: 7767
Total file size: 4871562029029 bytes
Total transferred file size: 26598656932 bytes
Literal data: 24673752889 bytes
Matched data: 1924901628 bytes
File list size: 195739303
File list generation time: 1381.047 seconds
File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
Total bytes sent: 3988352
Total bytes received: 24874875277

sent 3988352 bytes received 24874875277 bytes 3223277.01 bytes/sec
total size is 4871562029029 speedup is 195.81

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