On Tue 09 Sep 2008, Jan Thielmann wrote:
>> I'm running rsync-3.0.4 on my UNIX system. I've just updated from rsync-2.6.9.
>> I'm facing a general problem with the execution of files during a transfer process.
>> The situation: 2 Directories (dir1 and dir2) on one machine with a some files in dir1 which shall be >>translated to dir2.
>> rsync does not correctly recognize dir1 and dir2 as directories. It tries to transfer dir1 as a file to dir2. >>Then, of course, it cancelles the transfer because dir1 is not a regulary file.


On Tue 09 Sep 2008, Paul Slootman wrote:
>Please show the complete, exact commmand line you use to start rsync.
>Also a listing of the directories involved could be useful
>(e.g. find dir1 dir2 -ls)

The command that I used is the following: ./rsync --dry-run -avvvvv /u/prak28/dir1 /u/prak28/dir2 (quite simple)

The directory listing (There are not much files, it's only for quick tests):

dir2 - empty

I hope that helps.


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