Le 14 août 08 à 12:36, Mojca Miklavec a écrit :

> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 12:13 PM, Mac User FR
> wrote:
>> With the patched UTF8 cygwin ( http://www.okisoft.co.jp/esc/utf8-cygwin/
>> ),
>> it works like a charm for us, with spaces and uppercases. I just
>> had to set
>> a iconv to translate the international characters to the destination
>> filesystem (UTF8 UFS).

> Hello,
> Thanks a lot for the pointer. Just a few questions from me (I have no
> windows computer at the moment to try it out):
> - why doesn't the utf8 patch make into official cygwin? (that would
> be best)

Because it was a hack and not guaranteed to be stable. This is however
included in cygwin 1.7 that is on the final steps before official
release AFAIK. This release should be available soon. Then, or you
wait for cwrsync developer to make an upgrade with the newer cygwin or
you can compile rsync on cygwin by yourself (more work but less
waiting time).
> - it would make sense/be nice if cwrsync would include that utf-8-
> cygwin library

Yes, see reply above.
> - I had quite some problem at the beginning because we run debian
> stable on server that includes rsync 2.something, and I would not dare
> messing around with the server; when we wanted to use iconv, the
> transfer failed since rsync 2.something doesn't support it; Am I right
> that this would also fail unless we upgrade the server?

You won't have debian stable package for rsync 3.x for a while as they
policy make the test time really long. However, nothing forbids you to
get the "unstable" package (unstable for debian, already stable
release version for rsync developers) for rsync only or to compile
rsync 3.x from sources. If this is what you need and you trust rsync
development, there should have no surprises.
> (PS: we would need to upgrade the server anyway; svn doesn't work any
> more either.)
> Thanks a lot,
> Mojca

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