Summary: extend --keep-dirlinks to files also
Product: rsync
Version: 3.0.2
Platform: All
OS/Version: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: enhancement
Priority: P3
Component: core

As described in the thread
news://$ha0$, I’d like an option
similor to --keep-dirlinks for files also.

>From my original post there:

I just read the thread which describes how
--keep-dirlinks came to be. My use case is similar, but I’d like a similar
option for files as well.

Setup: in my public_html I have some symlinks which I send over as files, with
-L (for various reasons: partly, because they are copies of current work which
is done elsewhere, or because several websites use the same files, such as SSI
footers). However, I also want to check whether my colleague changed the files
on the server, so first I do an update. However, this replaces the links with
the files themselves.

My current usage is:

# First look whether stuff changed on the other side (shouldn’t)
# rsync -rtKPuzb webserverublic_html/ /home/hendrik/public_html/Hendrik/
# Then put changes from here.
rsync -rtkKLPzC --delete --delete-excluded
/home/hendrik/public_html/Hendrik/ webserverublic_html

As you can see, I have the first line commented out, because it replaces
symlinks. I’d like something similar to --keep-dirlinks which follows links
on the receiver and compares the files linked to with those sent.

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