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------- Comment #6 from 2008-06-23 02:40 CST -------
I have been bitten by this issue as well, when transferring a single big file:

-rw-r----- 1 root backup 21474836480 2008-03-24 16:59 morpheus.athome.vol

That is, it's 20GB big. I am copying from a 3.0.2 client to a 2.6.6 server. The
command line I use is the following:

rsync -av --ignore-times --inplace -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_backup" --stats
/home/mirror/morpheus.athome.vol rsync:backup/morpheus.athome.vol

And this gives the following error:

Invalid block length 146536 [sender]
rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at io.c(1367) [sender=3.0.2]

If I fix the block size to 128kB by adding "-B 131072", the transfer succeeds.
So it seems that older rsync versions don't cope with block sizes over 128kB,
which means a file size limit of 16GB.

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