I'm having a hard time with the filter rules syntax, and thought someone
may already have done this and would share his rules.

In the user profiles, I do want to backup the outlook files in the
ridiculous path "c:\documents and settings\username\local
settings\application data\microsoft\outlook\". But not anything else
under these ...\user\local settings\ directories.

I have 2 backup scripts. One to backup the whole C:\ drive, and another
for just the user profile.

For the whole disk backup there is also a lot of stuff which either
cannot be backed up (files open and locked by Windows), or is useless
(pagefile, Prefetch, etc.). I can slowly find out and exclude these, but
maybe someone already has gone to the trouble of listing these in his
filters file? The root folders are obvious (System volume information,
recycler, etc.), but there are many more buried in Windows\ and maybe

Thanks for any help, particularly for the "exclude dir except one
sub-sub-dir" problem,


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