On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 11:24:04AM -0400, markcliff@gmail.com wrote:
> rsync -avzul -e "ssh -vvv -l username" /home/users/blah/ rsync://lrem02:10001::/live

That tells rsync to start up a single-use rsync daemon on the remote
system after logging in via ssh. Daemon port numbers are completely
ignored when you request a single-use rsync daemon.

See the firewall section of the FAQ, which links to the firewall page:


Method 5 on the firewall page covers using ssh to open a tunnel to the
remote port. And no, you can't have rsync run that ssh command, since
the -e option is only for specifying how rsync should run the rsync
command on the remote system, not for running a auxiliary command to
start a forwarded port (and rsync needs to open a socket connection
without using a remote shell in a port-forwarding scenario).

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