On Mon 05 May 2008, rssrik wrote:
> I found a solution last night. The following command works,
> rsync -az --compare-dest=../20080101/ 20080102/
> rsync:////<20080102>/
> On adding / to the source directory name, only the contents of that
> directory gets created in the target. The workaround is to directly specify
> the required Directory Name in the TARGET URL itself.

Nothing new, that's what I had in my original posting.
As I sais, as you didn't show what the values were of the variables you
used in your version, I could not say exactly what to do.

> One more request, is there any document which explains the syntax of rsync
> and its params in detail. It could be more useful, If you link me to one
> .

It's all in the manpage...

Paul Slootman
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