Hi gurus!

First time post:

Scenario want to talk to daemon locked behind a firewall using encrypted transfer of files.

Have daemon setup on port 10001.

Do not have NC, do not have root access.

Client command :

rsync -avzul -e "ssh -vvv -l username" /home/users/blah/ rsync://lrem02:10001::/live

As you can see the connection is set to talk to lrem02 on port 10001 however i want to encrypt transfer so i assumed i could do the following:

rsync -avzul -e "ssh -vvv -l username -L 10001:lrem01:22" /home/users/blah/ rsync://lrem02:10001::/live

However this doesnt work as i perhaps need to config server side

How can i transfer to a non standard SSH daemon port (10001) with non-root and non access to alter the init default files (873).

All help appreciated im assuming my connection is been ignored -e as doesnt make sense i have tried 60 ways id say --rsh=ssh etc but need to turn too the experts!

Many thanks info appreciated...

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