Hi !

> On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 11:06:00PM +0200, Karl Kashofer wrote:
> > rsync calculates a md4 checksum of every file transferred. Would it
> > be possible to store this checksum for future use, i.e. to recheck the
> > files of each rsync snapshot at any later time ?

> The "db.diff" patch in the latest source has the start of some checksum-
> caching. It stores checksums in a DB (currently either MySQL or SQLite)
> and provides support for storing/fetching the checksums during the rsync
> transfer and/or updating and checking of the checksums via a provided
> perl script. The data is kept by inode, so it is only computed once per
> hard-linked file (though there is not currently any optimizing of the
> checking to avoid testing the same hard-linked file more than once when
> using the perl script to verify the checksums).

The db patch looks promising, is anyone currently working on it ?

> > What happens if --checksum finds CRC differences in a file which has
> > the same size and modification time as the copy in the archive ?

> Rsync just updates the file. This happens regularly with certain kinds
> of files, such as MP3s where an editing program tweaked some tags but
> reset the mtime, or the __db.* files inside the /var/lib/rpm dir (for
> reasons unknown). If you itemize the transfer (-i) with checksums (-c),
> you can see any files where the checksum differed but the time did not
> by having a program analyze the output. The case that would be really
> worrisome would be a file whose ctime had not changed, but whose
> checksum was no longer correct. Regular rsync can't help with that,

Could Rsync not at least generate a warning when that happens ?

Thanks for your help, I will test the db patch,
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