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Simo Sorce wrote:
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On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 18:40 +0200, Paul Slootman wrote:

On Fri 25 Apr 2008, Kor Kiley wrote:

The rsync command I'm using is:

rsync -auz --remove-source-files /m2/archives /nfs-destination

The problem I'm having is that ~50% of the files that are moved are
missing a creation date. The main problem with this is that the backup

There is no such thing as a "creation date" in unix/linux.
Commonly people misinterpret the "ctime" field as having something to do
with "creation", but actually the C stands for "inode change".
Hence the ctime will be updated if you change the owner of a file, or
make a hard link to the file; anything that changes the information in
the inode.

Of course, I don't know what your combination of NFS over an NTFS disk
does with such "unix" concepts...