First, i'd like to thank all of you who are involved in the rsync project. =
You do it great.

2nd, i'd like to share with you a problem, which i think could be solved pr=
etty easily.

I got to set a backup solution. I'm using nasbackup ( nasbackup.com ).
Nasbackup is rsync based ( via cygwin ).
I have a file server, which already have Samba + LDAP, up & running.

I'd like to map rsyncd authentication with LDAP. But as you know, there's n=
o build-in solution in rsync. So, regarding the most basic authentication s=
cheme on Unix/Gnu Linux platform, i thought of PAM, which could be much mor=
e interesting, because it could act as an authentication gateway. I think y=
ou know PAM.

Here are my questions :

- Has anyone worked or thought on a similar solution ?
- Is there any other way to extend the classic scheme provided by rsyncd.se=
crets ?

Thanks :-)

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