Hello Mike,

thank you for you answer.

On Dienstag, 15. April 2008, Mike Bombich wrote:
> For stats, rsync uses the word "file" inconsistently. When reporting
> the total "Number of files", it indicates a total number of filesystem
> objects which consists of regular files, directories, symlinks,
> specials, and devices.

That's fine by me.

> When reporting number of "files" transferred,
> it refers only to regular files.

That's not so good.

> I use the following patch to sort
> out these various file types in --stats. The one thing I'd still like
> to add is number of files that are uptodate and number of inodes
> relative to number of hard links. Then everything would actually add
> up. For what you're looking to do, this patch should work.

Will that be in 3.0.3?

> With the patch:
> [bombich:~/Desktop/rsync-3.0.2] sudo ./rsync --stats -aH /Volumes/
> source/ /Volumes/target/

> Number of files transferred: 24

And this line would indicate whether *anything* was sent?

I'm testing my own project with some scripts; and currently I'm using rsync to
see whether I'm forgetting to transfer any changes.
So I'd need a clear indication whether source and target are identical - files
(incl. mtime!), symlinks, devices, directories, everywhere owner, group, and
mode, and in the near future possibly xattr too ..



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