I have a setup as follows:
rsync config file (/var/run/ifxclm-rsyncd.conf):
uid =3D root
gid =3D root
hosts allow =3D zgrlvr1a.zgr.insel.de
log file =3D /var/log/ifxclm-rsyncd
pid file =3D /var/run/ifxclm-rsyncd.pid
log format =3D %h %o %f %l %b
transfer logging =3D true
use chroot =3D true
read only =3D false
write only =3D true

comment =3D DrB Environment
path =3D /
include from =3D /var/run/ifxclm-rsync-incl-drb
exclude =3D *

The include file (/var/run/ifxclm-rsync-incl-drb) looks like:
- .ssh
- .kde
- .history
- .bash_history
- .LogGetan
- .viminfo
- .vimscripts
- *.swp
- /project/drb/src
- /project/drb/logbuch
- /project/drb/.Log*

The rsync server is called as follows:
/usr/bin/rsync --daemon --port=3D874 --config=3D/var/run/ifxclm-rsyncd.c=

The client is called as follows:
/usr/bin/rsync -aH --port=3D874 --delete -b --suffix=3D.ifxclm -v --incl=
ude-from=3D/var/run/ifxclm-rsync-incl-drb --exclude '*' / zgrlvr1b::drb

The include file on the client is the same as on the server.
This worked fine for me at least up to rsync version 2.6.2.
Now I'm trying to use this on SuSE SLES 10 which has rsync version 2.6.6=

and the server rejects all files with the error message
"skipping server-excluded file".
If I ommit the exclude in the server config, it works.
But for security reasons I want to use server side excludes and are unab=
to find out why it isn't working any longer as it used before.

Hans-Dieter Doll

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